Icy Orange Blossom is a rad 1980s throwback to Orange Julius

Summer isn't summer without a big dose of nostalgia. So, why not step back to the 1980s magic of hanging out in the air-conditioned mall, playing Pac-Man until your quarters run out and tuning your Walkman to Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" while you sip an Orange Julius and act like you don't see your crush walking up to say "Oh, hey."

Those simpler Orange Julius times, plus the opening of Duplin Winery in Panama City Beach, inspire the Icy Orange Blossom.

You're going to want to sip this bodacious drink every time you veg out with your friends this summer. And, it's downright perfect for vacation brunch. Yes way! Why? Because the Icy Orange Slushie is frosty and creamy, with a hint of vanilla and a generous pour of fizzy Duplin Orange Blossom wine.

The wine's juicy citrus notes in this frozen cocktail make your teenage Orange Julius memories an adult hit even bigger than Andre Agassi's mullet back in the day. The drink is light on alcohol, but you can always add more wine. That would be so rad.

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