The best cakes and pies in North Carolina. Order now!

People willingly travel for hours just to get a slice of one of Chef Tabatha’s dessert specials at Duplin Winery’s beloved Bistro restaurant in Rose Hill, N.C., but she also lovingly handcrafts a groaning board of special Duplin Gourmet cakes and pies that you can order ahead for pick up only in Rose Hill.

Come Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas and other holidays, Chef Tabatha reaches into her family recipe box for irressistable Southern specialties. Red Velvet Cake is four layers high and slathered in cream cheese frosting. Her 13-Layer Cake -- chocolate or vanilla -- is covered in chocolate buttercream and spread between every single layer. Chef Tabatha's glazed Lemon Pound Cake is simply divine. 

For Mother's Day 2021, Chef Tabatha is offering 17 cakes and 4 pies that you may order for pick up only by calling 800-774-9634 by May 6. Again, these are pick-up-only orders, but so worth the trip. Plus, you can have a glass of wine while you're at the winery.

Each of these desserts serves 10 to 12 people:

  • Lemon Pound Cake
    • Bundt cake with lemon glaze, $30 
  • Strawberry Cake
    • 4 pink strawberry layers, cream cheese frosting, $35
  • Hershey Bar
    • 4 chocolate layers, chocolate chip whipped cream, $35
  • 13-Layer Cake
    • vanilla cake, chocolate buttercream icing, $42
  • Chocolate & Vanilla
    • 4 vanilla layers, chocolate buttercream icing, $35
  • Pineapple Cake
    • 4 vanilla layers, pineapple filling, cream cheese frosting, $35
  • Coconut Cake
    • 4 vanilla layers, toasted coconut cream cheese frosting, $35
  • Red Velvet
    • Classic! 4 layers, cream cheese frosting, $35; with pecans, $42
  • Carrot Cake
    • 4 layers, cream cheese frosting with or without pecans, $35; with pecans, $42
  • Key Lime Cake
    • 4 key lime layers, toasted almond cream cheese frosting, $35
  • Cookies & Cream
    • 4 chocolate layers, crushed Oreo whipped cream frosting, $35
  • Cheesecakes
    • Cookies & Cream, S'mores or Strawberry, $40
  • Cheesecake Layer Cakes
    • A layer of Tabatha’s Famous Cheesecake between 2 Strawberry, Red Velvet or Orange Creamsicle cake layers, all covered in cream cheese frosting, $45 each
  • Homemade Pies
    • Deep-dish Granny Smith Apple Pie, cinnamon-scented Sweet Potato Pie, oh so creamy Coconut Cream Pie and the caramelly classic Pecan Pie, $30 each
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