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5 Things You Need To Know About Carolina Red Reserve

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Today's Feature: Carolina Red Reserve

Over the generations, Duplin Winery has perfected the art of extracting fruity nectar from native American Muscadine grapes to create the best sweet Southern wines, but our special Reserve wines require a particular winemaker's touch and a bit of magic from Mother Nature.

Carolina Red Reserve is our latest Reserve release. Here are five things you need to know about the return of this outstanding light red wine.

1. Every wine doesn’t get to be a Reserve, Duplin winemaker Jason Bryan says. Growing conditions must be perfect for the grapes used. Temperature, rain and sunlight impact the quality of each grape’s juices. When the 2019 harvest came in, Jason noticed that Duplin was blessed with an exceptionally fruitful harvest of splendidly lush fruit. Vineyard workers picked the finest grapes and set them aside for Carolina Red Reserve.

2. After regularly sampling the Carolina Red Reserve batch, Jason determined exactly when the wine reached peak perfection, spring 2020, just in time for the start of the barbecue season. Carolina Red Reserve’s robust, fruity flavor harmonizes well with all kinds of smoke-kissed deliciousness. Drink it with burgers, pepper-crusted rib-eye steak or any grilled meats brushed with tangy barbeque sauces like Duplin Gourmet's Muscadine Barbecue Sauce, Muscadine Carolina Mustard and Muscadine Smokehouse Grilling Sauce.

3. Get 20% off individual bottles of Carolina Red Reserve for three days only, May 15, 16 and 17. That special is for everyone, not just our Heritage Wine Club members. Don't miss this opportunity to stock your wine shelves and remember to have extras for Dad. Father's Day is just around the corner.

4. We’ve released Reserve wines only a handful of times, four to be exact. Carolina Red Reserve’s last appearance was in 2016, and it sold out quickly. Since we are unable to predict when the growing conditions will be just right, we do not know when Carolina Red Reserve will show up again.

5. Jonathan likes to say that Carolina Red Reserve is our Carolina Red wine’s better looking brother. We know where he’s going with that line of thinking, right? (Sorry Dave). Carolina Red Reserve bursts with flavor, much the way Jonathan is always bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Also ... it's oh so smooth.

Carolina Red Reserve

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