A Story About Scuppernong


A Story About Scuppernong

Each week, we plan to release a new vlog that showcases different products that you can find in either of our retail stores or on our website. We'll feature different guests and tell you a little bit more about one of our wines, wine accessories, gourmet items or Sweetzers. You'll find that some items have an entertaining history that gets detailed in amusing memories and stories.

Today's Feature: Scuppernong Wine

Hey, my name is Jonathan Fussell. Our folks at Duplin Winery have been doing a great job telling you about their favorite wines and items that we sell here.

For me, wine is all about memories. One of my very favorite memories of being here at the winery was when I was younger. I used to come to the winery... and of course, we didn't have security guards, security cameras like we do now back in the early nineties... so, I used to come and climb this gate right here, walk into our winery because my parents wouldn't give me a key to the gate. I would get a box of Scuppernong wine, I would take it back to the gate, slip the bottles of wine underneath the actual fence and throw the actual box over the top. I’d wipe the bottles off, then stick them in the box and take it to a party.

Being the fellow like I am, I always wanted to bring wine to the party because this was the way I would pick up the chicks, the ladies and everything. I needed all the help I could get.

Scuppernong is a very sweet wine, it was my favorite up until we came out with Midnight Magnolia. So, if you hadn't tried it you should. Most people think that is sweet because Scuppernong grapes picked late in the season, it's actually picked early in the season. It is a very nice sweet and fruity wine. It has a little bit of alcohol bite and of course, you know if you like to have a good time, please get a bottle of Scuppernong from the grocery store and enjoy it with me. But don't come to the winery and climb a fence and break-in, or else you’ll get in trouble, just like I did and would have if I tried to do it now.

God bless and have a good day.

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