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Best recipes and moments from the Duplin 'Dine & Wine’ video series

Our video series "Dine & Wine" showcases different recipes and cocktail mixes using Duplin Winery wines and gourmet products. Join our host, Frank, as he gets the dish on our Duplin family's favorite eats and drinks. If you have ideas for the show or if you're looking for a recipe, let us know in the comments. Cheers!


Uplifting moments and time to laugh have felt more important than ever in the age of coronavirus. “Dine & Wine” host Frank has supplied us many reasons to smile since his Duplin online food video series launched in April. 

Like, remember that time Frank leaped out of nowhere onto the couch and shook up up a Duplin Whiskey Sour in Mason Jar? 

Frank doesn’t just entertain with his antics on “Dine & Wine” and other Duplin videos. He always has an easy recipe to share. This best of “Dine & Wine” roundup below showcases some of Frank’s wacky moments and some of the irresistible recipes he has discovered. Hit the headline links to watch the full videos.

Super Yummy Yum Sauce

Frank hooked up with Jay at Duplin’s North Myrtle Beach winery to for a jamming Super Yummy Yum Sauce dance party. Yum Yum sauce is that tangy, creamy wonderfulness that Japanese restaurants serve to drizzle on hibachi steak, tempura, sushi rolls, etc. Jay’s version contains Duplin Sweet wine. The sauce was so good with egg rolls it had the whole crew dancing in the video. 

Survive brunch all day

Before there was “Dine & Wine” there was Frank telling couples how to survive sheltering together at home. “You get up in the morning, and they want a mimosa. Maybe it’s not your thing. You don’t like pineapple juice or orange juice. You want something a little stronger,” Frank said. His remedy? Duplin Carolina Red with one heck of a kick. The brunch cocktail Frank called The Him-mosa will keep you happy for hours. 

The Quarantini

Frank’s wife Connie was Frank’s guest on the first official episode of “Dine & Wine,” and she had a little something to say about her husband’s Him-mosa. "If you listen carefully to his description, it was all about being quarantined -- with his wife,” Connie said, shooting a certain look Frank's way. Connie shot back with an equal-opportunity-to-chill drink, The Quarantini, made with Duplin Sweet Rose

Shrimp Scampi Pasta

Frank has tapped the Duplin family for a ton of recipes. He’s made a spicy Fire House Chili with Art in North Myrtle Beach. Bartender Kim showed Frank how to make Blackberry Wine Jell-O shots you can take to the beach. Mary’s easy Shrimp Scampi Pasta was a surprise. Fancy but not too fussy for a weeknight meal, we reach for this recipe again and again. 

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