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Duplin Dogs are the best hots dogs you'll eat all summer

Summer means hot dogs. The best ones we've ever tasted cook in a rich sauce that reminds us of Little Smokies and are finished with some extraordinary toppings like corn chips and candied jalapenos.

Duplin Dogs simmer in a delectable blend of cherry balsamic, sweet mustard and Duplin Pelican Red, a medium-sweet wine we created just for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans Minor League Baseball team. And nothing goes better with baseball than great hot dogs.

We like extra-plump, extra-long beef dogs for this dish so they really pack the bun.

Because Duplin Dogs have so much flavor, we reach for bold toppings. Candied jalapenos and sauteed onions pick up these dogs' sweetness. Corn chips add a little crunch and saltiness. Sauerkraut balances the sweetness.

These dogs are a mouthful, but you're still probably going to want more than one.

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