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Ruby Sweet Caroline is the spritz cocktail you'll be making all summer

Close that laptop and hit the "out of office" auto response. Warm weather is here and that means you need a fun, fruity, fizzy cocktail. Meet Ruby Sweet Caroline, a blend of sweet wine and ruby red grapefruit that qualifies as the official drink of summer.

A little sweet, a little tart and full of smile-inducing bubbles, this cocktail is as tasty as it is gorgeous. Fresh-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and grapefruit hard seltzer (or grapefruit soda) are poured over ice cubes made with Duplin Sweet Caroline.

Sweet Caroline, a blend of Pink Catawba and Niagara grapes, is our sweetest red wine, but it also exudes some sublime spicy notes and a floral finish that dances so nicely with tart grapefruit.

Pull out your prettiest party glasses for this stunning drink the color of sparkling rubies. Garnished with a triangle of sliced grapefruit, it can lean elegant enough for a formal gathering, but Ruby Sweet Caroline is also casual enough for a day at the beach, poolside hangs or chilling after work in the back yard.

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