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When it comes to pirates, Blackbeard, the scourge of the Carolina shores, was a scoundrel of the highest order, even to his flagship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. You can almost hear the creaking and cracking of her mighty timbers as you pour a glass of our complexly sweet, slightly tart Queen Anne’s Revenge red wine

This bold-bodied wine, with a bite at the end, shows up only once a year, and we’re celebrating its 2020 arrival with a new label and a Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate Weekend of discounts and specials June 12 and 13. 

Run aground by her ruthless captain, some say deliberately, the Queen Anne’s Revenge was plundered and then abandoned by Blackbeard as the pirate scurried toward a royal pardon. The ship lay lost for 300 years, her many cannons silenced beneath 28 feet of water off Carteret County, N.C. 

The Queen Anne’s Revenge became the shadowy figure of late-night pirate tales told on moonlit shores where surf casters and beachcombers long-ago replaced scallywags like Blackbeard. Her mystery comes to life on our new Queen Anne’s Revenge label, which shows the legendary vessel whispering toward fiery red Hatteras shores. 

Queen Anne's Bounty BasketQueen Anne's Bounty Basket
  • Visit both of our stores for the Treasure Hunt. Find red stickers on select coastal- and pirate-themed merchandise and get 20% off those items.
  • Come to Rose Hill for a wine tasting and lunch. Queen Anne’s Revenge is on the tasting lineup on June 12 and 13.
  • Hit The Bistro June 12 for the Pirate Voyage fried seafood platter of fish and shrimp for just $14.
  • Order the Queen Anne’s Chef Special for 2 on June 13 and you’ll get a bottle of Queen Anne’s Revenge and two Grilled Caribbean Chicken entrees, seasoned with pineapple, lime and cilantro, over white and wild rice for just $50.
  • Don’t forget Father’s Day. Look for our Father’s Day pirate gift basket online and in our stores. It’s full of Queen Anne’s Revenge and some of our delicious barbecue sauces.
  • Buy online and you’ll get 30% off cases of Queen Anne’s Revenge.
  • Get a selfie with Blackbeard. He’ll be making a few surprise visits to our Rose Hill store.
Pirate products at Duplin WineryPirate products at Duplin Winery
Queen Anne's Father's Day BasketQueen Anne's Father's Day Basket
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