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Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

Are you hosting a wine tasting party and don’t know where to start?

It can become easily overwhelming for anyone with having to decide which wine to purchase, which food will be best and of course what decor you should select.

The good news is that Duplin Winery has you covered with these five wine tasting party tips that are sure to make your get together a success!

Follow these easy steps and you will certainly become the host with the most!

Ideally, if you are hosting a wine tasting party, it should be an intimate gathering. We recommend keeping the number of people to 6 couples or less. If you end up with more than 12 people, it can become a little chaotic. Be sure to invite a crowd that gets along, after all, a wine tasting should be relaxed and fun.

At Duplin, we have over 40 varieties of delicious Muscadine wine available. When it comes to your wine tasting party, select a white, red, blush and another favorite of your choice. Our recommendations would be the Hatteras Red, Magnolia, Scuppernong Blush and Sangria Red. Once you’ve selected your list of wines, learn a few facts about each of them to share with your guests. These facts could be what grapes the wine is made from, food-pairing options, and flavor and taste of the wine.

One Duplin Winery bottle is 750 ml, which equals about 25 ounces in total. If you are planning on 2-ounce pours, each bottle can pour up to 12 tastes. Don’t forget to have enough wine so that each guest can enjoy 1 to 2 glasses of his or her favorite after the tasting is complete.

Allow yourself plenty of time to set up before your guests begin arriving. Don’t forget the essentials including the wine, corkscrews, glasses, appetizer plates, a pitcher of water and some fresh flowers to decorate the area.

Throw something extra in to thank your guests for coming to join in on your wine tasting party. Create a simple and fun giveaway, drawing a name out of a wine glass to win something special.

If you’ve always wanted to host a wine tasting party but have been hesitant about it, don’t be! It’s easier than you think, especially if you follow these five steps!

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