Golden Oldies Dinner Theater


Duplin Winery at Rose Hill, NC

505 North Sycamore St. Rose Hill, NC 28458

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Ticket includes a 3:30pm deluxe wine tasting and tour before the dinner show.

Golden Oldies Dinner Theater

Rose Hill, NC

America’s favorite music of the 50’s and 60’s … a mix of country, doo-wop, bluegrass, R&B and a touch of funny completes a dinner theater adventure at Duplin. Your toes won’t be able to hold back their tappin’ and will bring you back to the days of rockabilly, doing the twist and be-bopping. Before the show, a delicious 3-course meal will be served and once completed, the show will begin.

Duplin Dinner Theater events sell out fast so be sure to get your tickets in a hurry!

Enhance your dinner theater reservations with a comprehensive tour and tasting for only $10. The tour and tasting begins at 3:30 pm and has a limited number of seats available.


• 3:30 pm: Comprehensive Tour & Wine Tasting

• 5:30 pm: Seat for Dinner in The Bistro

• 7:30 pm: Show Starts

• 9:00 pm: Event Ends

Golden Oldies Dinner TheaterGolden Oldies Dinner Theater
Golden Oldies Dinner TheaterGolden Oldies Dinner Theater
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