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Our Wines

Duplin Winery has been producing award winning wines and champagnes for nearly 40 years. Since the early 1970’s, the Duplin family has relied on each other, their faith, and hard work to become the world’s largest Muscadine winery and the largest winery in the South. Duplin Winery produces world class wines made from our native Muscadine grapes. From our dry red Burgundy wine to the delightfully sweet red wines and sweet white wines, like the Hatteras Red and Brice’s Creek, Duplin has a taste to fit any occasion.


  • New Releases

    Duplin Winery strives to create new blends that accentuate the goodness of the Muscadine Grape.
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  • Red Wine

    Duplin’s collection of red wines embody the essence of the Coastal James, James and Noble varieties of Muscadines.
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  • White Wine

    Scuppernongs and other white Muscadines have been among the top selling wines  in America since the 20th century.
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  • Blush Wine

    Blending grapes present certain challenges to our wine makers as they maintain the delicacies of each grape. These pop with fruit.
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  • Fresh & Lively

    The latest trio to be produced by Duplin Winery is Cool, Sweet & Easy. Light in composition and fresh in taste, these wines are simply fun.
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  • Estate

    Grown under the careful watch of our vineyard managers, these rich wines maintain a full bodied, even flavor with unparalleled quality.
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  • Fruit Wine

    Every season is mirrored in our fruit wines, and each year is a bit different. Dry weather brings strong fruit and gentle rains bring sweet.
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  • Alcohol Free

    Something for everyone! The alcohol free wines capture the fruit in an alcohol free product good for the whole family.
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  • Sparkling Wines

    Our selection of sparkling wines offers the perfect toast to any occasion, making every celebration a memorable one.
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  • Limited Releases

    Small batch, limited production wines are crafted to form a premium wine.
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  • Seasonal Wine

    Our seasonal wines are perfect for anyone on your list.
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  • Sweetzer Sets

    Blend it up and enjoy a
    frozen treat with your friends!
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