Golden Oldies 8-Top Table


Duplin Winery at Rose Hill, NC

505 North Sycamore St. Rose Hill, NC 28458

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Add on a deluxe wine tasting for only $15!

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Oh, what a night!

America’s favorite music of the ’50’s and ’60’s -- a mix of country, doo-wop, bluegrass, R&B and a touch of funny – takes you back to the good ol’ days of rockabilly, doing the twist and be-bopping. Your toes won’t stop tappin’ when the show begins after a delicious 3-course meal in The Bistro.

We’ve taken every precaution to present a safe atmosphere so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy an evening of fine dining, music and joy. Tickets are limited and sold per table. That means you’ll share a table with your own family and friends. We’ve also spaced tastings and show tables, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free evening of fun.

8-Top Table8-Top Table

Add on a wine tasting for only $15.00

Delight your taste buds by adding a wine tasting full of our award-winning Muscadine wines while your funny bone gets tickled with fun anecdotes about Duplin's history.

The $15 add-on tasting includes Duplin Gourmet crackers and cheese dip to nibble while you sip through nine wines and one Sweetzer.

DHCC Wine TastingDHCC Wine Tasting
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