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This easy steak pizza just canceled pepperoni

Steak pizza with grilled sweet peppers and onions

Nothing beats lean, tender slices of rib-eye, New York strip, skirt steak, heck any steak on a pizza. That beefy goodness combined with melty provolone cheese and grilled sweet bell peppers and onions takes pizza out of the mindless munchies category and puts it firmly in the "let's open a great bottle of wine" jet set.

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Duplin Dogs are the best hots dogs you'll eat all summer

Duplin Dogs were inspired by Little Smokies

Little Smokies taste good, right?  So, we decided to turn them into big smokies by simmering full-size hot dogs in sweet, tangy sauce and then plopping them on a bun with plenty of yummy toppings like candied jalapenos and corn chips. After tasting these Duplin Dogs, you may never just boil or steam hot dogs in water again.

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