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Duplin Family Favorites

On a typical day, we are blessed to meet people from all over when they visit our winery in Rose Hill, NC or North Myrtle Beach, SC. We are fortunate to be able to spend time with you and learn more about what you enjoy through wine tastings and our conversations. After getting to know you, we take this information to help recommend wines, Sweetzers, gourmet products and other retail items that we think you would enjoy and find useful.

Times are not typical right now. We are all practicing social distancing and many of us are under stay at home orders from the governors of our states. We miss seeing our customers and all our fellow co-workers on a daily basis, but we want everyone to stay safe and healthy throughout this difficult time.

The staff of Duplin decided that we wanted to keep helping our customers learn about the different flavors of Duplin, but maybe instead of asking you what you like, we'll share what we like! We are putting together special Duplin staff recommendations and are calling it Duplin Family Favorites because we know that the staff and our customers are all considered family in Duplin's eyes.

Periodically, we'll add a new Duplin Family Favorite. Make sure to bookmark this page to learn more about what we love and our daily deals.

We hope you find these recommendations useful and enjoy our personal stories about why we recommended each item. We would love to hear from you, as well! Do you have certain wines, Sweetzers, gourmet products or Duplin items that you love? List them and why you love each item!

God Bless,

Everyone at Duplin


Tabatha | Manager & Chef

Cookin' With Duplin

Hi, my name is Tabatha and I'm a manager and chef at Duplin Winery, The Bistro. These are the favorites that I have chosen for my bundle.

I have the Magnolia wine and Carlos wines as my choices because if you liked our pan-seared chicken with the sauce on it, you should choose these two wines. You can even go to the grocery store and get some Alfredo sauce that is in a jar instead of following a recipe with all of those ingredients, it'll be easier for you.

The Burgundy, we use this at Duplin Winery when we make Burgundy Chicken. It's very good and pan-seared, also.

Then, Blackberry wine is one of my favorites because if my stomach is bothering me in the morning time, I take 2 oz of Blackberry wine and it stops my stomach from hurting, instantly.

Then I also chose our alcohol-free wines because I'm a person who doesn't drink alcohol at all. So, if any of you come out and you come out with your friends and you want non-alcohol drinks, we do have: Alcohol-Free Muscadine Red Wine, Alcohol-Free Scuppernong and Muscadine Cider. That is my favorite, I love that.

I also picked these sauces here. I have the Muscadine Barbecue Sauce, it's good on chicken when you bake it in the oven and put this barbecue sauce on top of it. It's very good, it's sweet. The Sweet Bourbon Glaze Sauce is good on fish, put some fish in the oven and put that sauce on it - it's really good. It has a nice sweetness to it. These are the items that I chose from Duplin Winery because this is what I like. I like to ones that I can cook with.

We miss all of you guys. Thank you very, very much for all of the things you have done to support us.

You all stay safe and God bless you all. Thank you.

Connie | Wine Bartender

Don't Shy From Dry

Hey everybody! My name is Connie, I work at Duplin Winery in North Myrtle Beach. Some of you may know me, I’m around there quite a bit.

So today, I’m social distancing just like everybody else. You know it's just a little hard to be home sometimes, but I have some great wines here that I want to share with you that are absolutely my favorites.

Now I'm more of like a dry wine drinker. So, even though our wine is made from Muscadine grapes, we do have some wines that are on the dryer side. Now one of my favorites is a newer wine, Summertime Strut. This is a dryish wine, a great blend of different grapes and wonderful to me. I love it, it’s a refreshing wine.

Also, another one of my favorites is Carlos. Now Carlos has been around for a really, really long time. It's low in sugar, it's very dry but it is also just like the Summertime Strut, also very refreshing.

But now I am coming to my absolute favorite. That is our Burgundy. Now Burgundy, is a red wine, its dry - but what I like about the Burgundy is you can drink this two different ways. When we serve this at the winery, all of our wines are chilled. But when I’m at home, I prefer Burgundy at room temperature. It takes on a whole different taste. I like it a lot and it's just a very milder taste. So, if you get the opportunity try this at room temperature. There’s quite a difference.

Now, also - I want to point out to you - if you’ve been to our winery, you know that we have a lot of different retail items. And here are just a couple of them. This is great. This is an insulated bag, great for taking on picnics and sneak it on the beach. You can put a little opener in there.

I love this. This is our wine holder, a little kitty-cat - for those of you that’s your favorite pet - this would be a great gift for you or to give to a friend. You know, leave it on the doorstep, since we have to be six feet apart.

So, just wanted to share my wine with you. I hope everyone is staying safe and if you get bored - hey - this is what you do. Open up a bottle. Cheers everyone, stay safe and stay healthy.

Chris | Wine Bartender

Camping Getaway

Hello ladies and gentleman. Thank you for visiting duplinwinery.com. My name is Chris, I want to start off by telling you how much we miss you here at the winery in at retail. We can’t wait to get out of this quarantine and get us back to everyday life.

So, what you have here is what I call my camping special. I picked it out at all these items and they all have a reason. It’s for a husband and a wife. I picked this out because this is something me and my wife have. We have nine kids and we're being quarantined with them. So, when this is all said over I plan to take just me and my wife camping. As you can see, there's nothing here for my wonderful kiddos. It’s going to be something for me and her just to get away from all these monsters we’ve got.

I've got her favorite wine here, this is Sweet Caroline. This has got 13 grams of residual sugar, so it's really sweet for her. She's a sweet lady who takes care of those kids and me very well. Then I've got something a little bit different. I've got Bald Head Red. This is more for the gentlemen, this has 8 grams of residual sugar, so it’s a little bit less sweet.

As you can see here, we have a couple of different items. I've got a wonderful shirt that I wear when I go fishing because it's nice, cool, relaxing. Allows the breeze to come through when you sitting there next to the lake or the river and it keeps the air flowing. My wife doesn't like the cold nearly as much, no matter how cold or warm it is. So, we’ve got her a little bit more of a cotton material. These are both shirts that we're going to wear.

Our hats, I picked out some funny hats because when we’re going, we’re going to be retired from the kids for that weekend, week or month. However long I quarantine from the kids!

As you can see, we’ve got the wine, a couple of nice wine glasses to keep your wine nice and chilled while you’re drinking it. Won’t have to gulp to keep it cold, you can just sip on it.

And then I have our Muscadine Pineapple Habanero Salsa and some crackers to go along with some cream cheese. Or, just enjoy it by itself it has a really good tasting flavor.

I've got a couple more items. I've got a s'mores roasting kit, I've got a chargeable Bluetooth speaker for your phone. You can sit back and listen to some nice music as you're camping and just kind of resetting yourself.

So, this is kind of my package here. If you like it, I highly recommend going on duplinwinery.com and look at our specials, seeing we got to offer.

But most importantly, please be safe. I think right now we're under a little bit of a stress but with all these wonderful items - I think that's going to help us out. Just remember to stay safe, love each other and take care.

Kim R | Wine Bartender

God Bless America

Hey everyone! My name's Kim. I'm here at North Myrtle Beach - that's where I work at our second location. We opened up in June of 2015. I miss everybody. I want to thank our Marketing Department for giving us this opportunity to share our favorite wines with you. We actually make about 52 different wines.

I’ve been a huge fan since 2006, the first two I want to share with you are our Red and White Sangrias. In May of 2015, we separated our red and white grapes and infused them with peach, mango and lemon-lime flavors. They both totally turned out differently. Within three months, us bartenders started blending these two in our glasses, half red and half white. We called it God Bless America. I felt that this was appropriate to share with you today, given what our nation is going through.

I also call these my party wines. I take our Red Sangria, Barcardi Rum (half a cup), mix berries in it - it hikes up the alcohol and makes you a lot happier. The White Sangria is more of a sweet and fruity taste, I call it double bubble, bubble gum. For you tequila drinkers, this is an excellent tequila chaser.

Now my favorite of them all is Black River Red. This came out in 2007, we also have the Black River Red in the reserve right now. It is really super. Black River Red has a bold, grape taste and is very sweet to the lips. Mellow on the palate, very slick going down. I call this my to go wine. This is excellent with extra sharp cheddar cheese and a good movie.

In our retail store last year, we came out with our beach towels. We have three different colors and I really love these. Might get creative and make a bathrobe out of them, that’s how large they are.

Let me introduce you to my bar, here. This table has four drink holders, has an umbrella - excellent for the beach, camping, picnic or even in your back yard.

After you finish your bottles and they are empty, you recycle them. But, some may be special to you. I have taken our Midnight Magnolia, I’ve broken off the bottom and sanded down the rough edges. I then took one of our window decals and placed it on the bottle to make this wind chime.

Miss everybody, hope everybody is being safe. I cannot wait until I can see everyone.

I’ve been practicing a little bit of sign language, so I’m going to share those with you. This one is toast, cheers and I love you. Be safe and as Jonathan would say, have a blessed day.

Karen B | Senior Graphic Designer

Create a Carolina Vice

When creating my recommendations, I thought about my family and how I've been missing spending quality time with them. We're a rather rowdy bunch, we harass each other endlessly and love to laugh. Unfortunately, our laughs have a very distinctive cackling sound and if we all laugh at once, it sounds like two dozen hens being stepped on.

Throughout the years, we've taken vacations together and have had the best times all gathered together. On one vacation, we discovered the cocktail Miami Vice; a delicious frozen concoction of Strawberry Daiquiri and Piña Colada. My mom seemed to always have a full glass, it was like one of those magic baby doll bottles that would fill up on its own.

One of our family customs is playing different games when we all get together, with card games being the most popular choice. We've played Hearts, Spades, Pounce; but our favorite is always Pinochle. We would have two games going, one group in the kitchen and one group in the dining room. Then the final round would be winners vs winners and losers vs losers to see who was the grandest one of all!

So, my Duplin Family Favorite is based on my family and a reminder of all of the fun times we've spent together. I wanted to recapture the fun of our vacation with variation of the Miami Vice, which I'll call the Carolina Vice. Mix half a glass of Pelican Red Rush Sweetzer with half a glass of Piña Colada Sweetzer and tada! Carolina Vice! I personally prefer Summertime Strut with the Piña Colada mix, the dry light-bodied wine offsets the sweetness of the coconut and pineapple perfectly! I also picked two Duplin Woozies, so that your hands won't get cold from the frozen Sweetzer in your wine glass because I know you won't want to put your drink down. Last, of all, I had to throw in the Duplin Playing Cards - that's the perfect item for a perfect day with my family.

I hope my selection brings you as many happy memories as it did for me.

Frank | Retail Manager

Let's Be Frank!

These are my personal favorites for many different reasons! I bottled a lot of Goin' Coastal when working at our North Myrtle Beach location and I love the taste of the wine. So, that had to go in. Then there was Carolina Red, the first Duplin wine I ever tried in 1999, way before I even started working at Duplin. So, yep. That one goes in, too. I was torn between the next two because I love them both ... so I decided to add both of them! Why? Well, I like playing in creeks and rivers. You may be thinking, "oh, when you were a kid?" No. I mean I still love doing it. I'm a big kid at heart. I hope you enjoy!

Frank's Favorites Vol IIFrank's Favorites Vol II

Frank | Retail Manager

The Old Man and the Sea

A comedian by nature, I couldn't resist this suggestion. I have dubbed it The Old Man and the Sea in honor of Old Baldy, Beaufort (NC and SC!) and we're all Goin' A Little Coastal right now. But, on a more serious note, this made me think about how Hemingway liked to focus on men proving their worth by facing and overcoming hardships, especially ones from nature. Yes. Very appropriate. God bless and savor each day!

Kelly | Customer Service

Grapetastic Basket

Hey there, I'm Kelly Jean and I'm actually going to share with you some of my favorite things here at the winery that maybe you have overlooked. If you're missing coming into the retail store and seeing us, and God knows we missed you all, so I wanted to bring to you my Grapetastic Basket. These are all the things that you love about Muscadines, besides the wine, that maybe you have overlooked and would be awesome in your house right now.

Did you know that we make Muscadine candles? We try to repurpose everything that we have here at Duplin and these make your whole house smell just like a bottle of wine. I know we all need that since we're stuck at home and we need some ambiance. We have the Muscadine candles, also if you're coming up with different dishes, you've gone through all your pasta, you've gone through all your snacks, you want something lighter because it's been nice outside.

Well, we make Muscadine Orange Poppy Seed Dressing - that's awesome on pasta salads and fruit salads. I wouldn't recommend it straight out of the bottle if you're getting desperate for snacks but put it on your favorite topping. Or marinade chicken, it's yummy.

Next, for the grape lovers, we have these fun things these are actually Grape Toppers. So, let's say you have your drink in your house or outside in the backyard -- if you're like me and my dog -- she loves putting her snout in everything in the house. If you put these on your glass cover the dog stays out of it, the bugs stay out of it, it keeps your glass covered. Just asked my Aunt Rose, she hates it when stuff gets in her glass.

These are just little things, in case you missed us and you want some Duplin at home, get any of these items and have your own wine tasting, have your own party. I know I do when I get off work here.

Bruce | Wine Bartender

Dine & Wine Package

Hey. I’m going to welcome everyone to Duplin Winery. My name is Bruce, most of you know me already. Most people start off with a wine and dine package. What I want to do is backward, I've got a dine and wine package here that I like.

What it is, I know that a lot of you like sweeter wines, which is good because we are one of the largest sweet wineries in the United States. But we have dry wines also, they're very good for cooking.

What I like to use is the Burgundy is my favorite with any kind of beef or pork. You take about a cup of the wine, half a cup of soy sauce, a teaspoon of garlic powder, and 2 tablespoons of sesame seed. Marinate that according to how thick the meat is, the thicker the meat, the longer you would like to marinate it. I'll cook it on the grill or in a blackened frying pan is great.

For those who are at the beach and you want a little seafood, a little shrimp, scallops, Mahi, stuff like that … I recommended Carlos wine. Just marinate it, dust it down good with Old Bay Seasoning, put it in your blackened frying pan or on the grill and away you go.

Once we got all our food prepared how you got your lovely wife with you, or your lovely girlfriend, you pull out the chick wine - Midnight Magnolia. If the women don't like the wine, well they are going to love the blue bottle. While you're doing that - well guys I know y'all are a little more not as fine and finesse as the ladies are - so, we recommend our Sippin’ Sweet. All you got to do to screw the lid off and go to drinking on it. You don't have to worry about getting all those fancy wine glasses out and all.

When all of that done, if you want to have a little dessert with this … what you would do is make yourself a strawberry shortcake or a key lime pie, or a cheesecake and pour the Sweet Caroline over top of it. It’s very good like that.

Also if all this stuff, reacts on you and you end up with acid reflux or heartburn - just grab little Blackberry wine. Take a little swig of that and no more heartburn, no more acid reflux. It'll take care of it. That's kind of like mine.

Instead of a wine and dine, this is my dine and wine package. I hope you all enjoy this, please call us or order this package online.

Thank you very much.

Art | NMB Warehouse Manager

Blushin' Trifecta

Hey everybody! it's Art from Duplin Winery North Myrtle Beach. Normally, you can find me in the bottling room or the warehouse at Duplin.

But, right now I'm in the middle of this sick Coronavirus outbreak, I'm spending some time at home. Those of us on the north side of 60 were asked to stay home. Which helps protect us and ultimately it helps protect you. Help flatten the curve, stay home and enjoy.

While I'm home, I had to stock up and make sure that I had some of my favorite wines to get me through this period. And Duplin Winery is in the process of having a special online sale, you can buy our wines at duplinwinery.com.

Those of us that work at the winery are coming up with our favorite trio of wines. Now my favorite trio of wines consists of these wines that you see in front of you. Number one in my trio is Bald Head Red. Bald Head Red is a nice, mid-sweet wine, made with the Pink Catawba grape. Bald Head has a citrus taste and really the reason it is my number one pick because it’s my wife’s favorite wine. Therefore, my number one pick is Bald Head Red.

Numbers two and three are actually a toss-up at any given day. These legitimately are my favorite wines. We have Sweet Rosé and my favorite of all is Goin’ Coastal. Sweet Rosé is a nice mixture of Muscadine grapes. This particular wine has a little bit of carbonation in it. You can see from the screw cap, this is something that we don’t do at North Myrtle Beach.

So, we send this to our friends in New York and they bottle this for us. It's fermented, blended and it's a product of Duplin. It's made right here in North and South Carolina, but so we use some of our friends up north to at the bottle it. That's another reason it's my favorite. For my first 55 years, I came from New York. So, kudos to my friends back there.

Lastly, this is Goin’ Coastal. Goin’ Coastal is bottled exclusively in North Myrtle Beach. This particular one is blended with a couple of Muscadine, non-Muscadine grapes. It’s a sweet wine, but not really any aftertaste to it. And it’s 12% alcohol. That’s a good thing.

---- Art jokes and tells a secret here, you must listen to the video to hear it! ---

So, my favorite wines. We’ve got Bald Head Red, we have Sweet Rosé and tops on the list is our Goin’ Coastal. Going to leave you with one little tip, something we sometimes do. Going to take some ice, (swirls ice in glass). All of our wines at Duplin are served at 40°. But here at our house, we chill it is well. We also like our glass nice and cold. So, we’re going to swirl some ice in here and get our glass nice and cold. Fill it with some Bald Head, for our nice camera lady, and were going to say cheers to you. Look forward to seeing you again, as soon as everything gets better. Cheers, everybody.

Britt | Retail Buyer

Back to the Beach

Hey, I'm Britt. I work here at Duplin Winery and I'm glad that you guys are watching this video today. I did want to share with you a couple of my favorite picks that we have in store right now. Some of my favorite memories and my favorite things to do during the summer, or go to the beach with my family. And, right now I cannot wait to go to the beach with all the quarantine and everything going on right now. I'm so ready for summer. These picks that I've chosen kind of reflect that today.

I did kind of want to tell you a little story about why I chose these things. During the summer me and my family, we love to go to the beach. We usually go to Topsail or Oak Island. As a family, we have kind of acquired this tradition where we love to find shark's teeth. So, we will go on the beach and walk down the beach and kind of try to make a competition to see who can find the most shark's teeth. At the end of the day, we add them all up and we have a special wine bottle we keep them in. We put them in the wine bottle and it's kind of our way of keeping tradition and being able to look at all the things that we've collected over the years. I chose these items today just because I'm I am ready to go to the beach to be with my family, as I'm sure many of you are. Get ready to get out of the house.

The items I wanted to share today where: White Sangria, that is my favorite Duplin wine. It's sweet, it's citrus-infused, it's the perfect wine to sit on the beach with and just have a glass or a few. 

If by chance I'm not doing like drinking some wine, which we always are, I would choose this Swig Skinny Can Cooler. It is for any of the skinny cans that you may prefer to drink and it keeps it cold for up to 12 hours. I really like that as well.

A beach day is not complete to me without a hat. Because I love hats and I do not like my hair blowing everywhere. So I chose one of our wine people hats. I really love the color of it because it can go with any bathing suit that you may choose whenever it gets hot.

Also, I did chose this beach wine bag, Wine is my Love Language. I chose that just because everybody needs some kind of cute tote to tote your Duplin wine around.

I hope you guys are all staying safe and enjoying spending time with your family. And I can't wait to go to the beach, see all your new picks and have a fun time. Thank you.

Karen A | Retail Associate

Please Your Palate

Hi, Duplin Wine Family. My name is Karen. I've been here with Duplin for about 13 years now. And these are some of my favorite products that are very essential to have at this time.

And I want to start out with the Magnolia. I like Magnolia because it has a very fruity start and a very clean finish. I like having this at the house for my guests might come over to visit, or friends might come over an visit. Because it can please a lot of palates it's not so sweet that a dry wine drinker might not drink it and not so dry that a sweet wine drinker couldn't drink it. For me, it's very pleasing to a lot of different palates and if they don't like it, that's alright. Because that just saves more for me!

Also, Sunset Red is one of my favorite ones, I call this my party in a bottle. I also like the fact that all of the fresh berries are going to start coming in pretty soon. I like to pour it over the berries and make a nice fruit salad. If I have some extra berries, I like to pair the Magnolia back with the Electric Lemonade and add some of those fresh berries to make a fabulous, wonderful lemonade that is very good and refreshing.

I also like to have our Muscadine Red Pepper and Onion Relish. It's great on hot dogs. I also like to make a pimento cheese spread with it. And I like to serve it over gourmet crackers. The crackers are homemade, I helped make them. And I put an extra special ingredient in them, called love. I like to serve those and if I get real fancy and Martha Stewart like I like to put these candied jalapenos - just one though - on top of the pimento cheese crackers. It is very good.

Our Capabunga caps are great, I like to use them on the wine bottles. Because no matter where I put the wine in the refrigerator, it always fits and the Capabunga seals nicely on top.

Not every day or all day can I drink wine so, I like to have our leatherette koozie to keep my beverages cold. It wipes down very nicely and cleans up very nicely.

I hope you enjoy some of these products. Use your imagination with them. Thank you. Stay safe and God bless.

Savannah | Events Manager

All About Sports

Hi Duplin Family! Most of you have seen multiple videos on our favorite picks, family picks or employee picks. I want to do is something a little bit different. Ladies, I know Father's Day is coming around, so I wanted to give you some options as far as gifting goes, but also get you a little prize in there as well. So, some of my favorite things, especially being a sports fan myself, I'd say it's a bottle cover. It looks like a football has a little helmet that sticks on the top for those football days.

It's a little chilly today, so this is one of my favorite things, it’s a can koozie - but it's also a glove warmer. So, if you're going to those football games in the fall, this is something that you're going to need. Hopefully, we'll be out of the house in the fall will be able to go to those outdoor sporting events.

We also have, for our men who may not like the wine, we do have our Bistro Tall Glasses. They're perfect for beer, but of course, I have them in my kitchen so that I enjoy my tea or soda in as well. I picked that because it also represents our Bistro restaurant, which is where I actually host my ticket events like a Murder Mystery Shows, Golden Oldies and dinner theaters.

If you're stuck on the couch this week or next week, we have a wonderful couch mix that we have available in stores. You can get that ship to your house. It's just a great snack to enjoy while you're stuck inside.

I did include our Magnolia wine which is one of my favorites. Its a semi-sweet white, refreshing wine. If you're interested in making a Summertime Spritzer with some lemonade, we have that recipe online for you.

I also included our Pelican Red and our Pelican Rush Sweetzer. Which is our wine slushie - that is just my absolute favorite. So you get a treat in there for you, as well.

I also included our Duplin Stemless Wine Glass. When you visit us, you get our stemmed wine glass, so I wanted to give you something that's a little bit different than what you're used to when you visit us. These are just a few of my favorite things.

I included some Gourmet sauces, as well. I know some of us are grilling out since we're stuck at home. Maybe you want to save that for a special occasion like Father's Day or for that tailgating party for your sporting events. But, we have multiple sauces, we have our Carolina Mustard - which I didn't include, but you can add it to your cart. I did include our Muscadine Barbecue Sauce, which is my favorite. It’s great on little smokies. If you want to make meatballs, it’s great on that or smother over your chicken with some bacon and Colby jack cheese. It’s perfect in the oven. I also included our Cherry Balsamic Glaze, which is perfect with pork tenderloin or pork chops on the grill.

I hope you enjoy these items. Again, Father's Day is coming up, so if you're looking for a gift this is the perfect set for you.

Crystal | Private Events Manager

Wedding Planning Pack

Hi guys! I’m Crystal, I’m the private events planner here at Duplin Winery. Better known as The Wedding Planner.

I wanted to bring you some of my favorite items that we have here and naturally most of them are wedding-related. I myself am getting married this year, so a lot of these are must-haves for myself right now.

Every bride knows how much time and energy wedding planning requires, so you'll definitely need your wedding planning mug. You can fill it with coffee or wine I won't judge.

For me, I do my best planning when I'm sippin’ on my favorite wine, Bald Head Red. For those of you that have not tried Bald Head Red, it is completely different than our other wines. It's a lot less sweet and for me, it's a bit tangy. A lot like grapefruit.

If you love grapefruit, you'll definitely want to try mixing grapefruit juice with our sweet Rosé. It makes the perfect mimosa, and in fact, I know I'm going to be drinking this with my girls on my wedding day when we're getting ready for my wedding. Odds are I'm going to be drinking it out of this glass, it shaped like a diamond. It’s so cute, it's just perfect.

I'm very cold-natured, so my favorite wine glass in the world is my insulated wine glass. It keeps my wine cold and my hands warm. It also has a lid on it to keep the critters out when I'm sitting on the porch.

If you're at the stage in planning where you're trying to figure out what gift to give your girls, I've got some items here that are great fillers. They don't cost a lot and they're different from what you typically see. What I have are some bridesmaids fingernail filers. I've also got some bath confetti - I've never seen it until I saw it here. It looks like a push pop but it's for the bath. It's just kind of fun and some cute little things that you can give your girls.

Lastly, I'm going to recommend this champagne bubbly … just kidding, its bubble bath. Relaxing is a critical step in wedding planning, and what better way to relax than with a bubble bath, a hot bubble bath. But don't forget your wine!

I hope you're able to enjoy all of the favorite items that I have shared with you today. To all of the brides out there, I hope that this is very special to you and uplifting as I want all of us to be.

We want you to stay home, stay safe we miss having you here. Can't wait to see you! God bless.

Ronnie | Wine Bartender

Summertime Sampler

Hi, I’m Ronnie from Duplin Winery. I’m in my yard in Rose Hill, North Carolina. It's a beautiful day and my wife told me I had to get off the couch and get outside. Folks, summertime is just around the corner and I want to share with you some of my favorite, Duplin products for the summertime.

My favorite Duplin wine in the summertime is our Sangria Red. Muscadine with citrus tones and peach flavors. My wife's favorite is the White Sangria. Muscadine with a splash of citrus. We like our summertime wines really cold, so normally we drink come over ice. But, when you’re outside, in the sun - the ice tends to melt. So now, we slice up fresh fruit and keep in the freezer and use those as our ice cubes.

For the Red Sangria, I like to drop in a frozen strawberry and a frozen peach slice. My wife, Wendy, for the White Sangria - she likes to drop in a strawberry and a couple of frozen pineapple chunks. But, use your imagination, have fun with it, keeps it cold. It gives me something to nibble on when I'm doing my other favorite summer activity, grilling out.

When I'm grilling out - I brought a couple of my favorite Duplin Winery sauces, Muscadine Smokehouse Grilling Sauce. A perfect blend of smoke and that vinegar base that we really love in Eastern North Carolina. The Muscadine Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce, now that's a South Carolina style sauce. It's a perfect blend of a mustard base, with pineapple juice, cayenne pepper and brown sugar.

So get your grills ready, get a good supply of Duplin: Sangria Red, Sangria White and Duplin grilling sauces. Get your grill ready, because I believe this is going to be one of the best summers we've ever had.

Until we meet again. Take care of yourself.

Bert | Bistro General Manager

Bistro Gourmet Pack

Hi folks! I just wanted to welcome you into The Bistro Restaurant here at Duplin Winery. I am Bert Fussell, I'm Chef and General Manager, here at The Bistro. I’m here today just to show you a few items that are my favorites that we produce here inside the winery and let you know a few things about them. I hope that you would pick them for your package. We know that a lot of you most have you folks are at home at this point, we want you to stay safe.

We are currently closed inside The Bistro, but we hope to reopen very, very shortly. I just want to say thank you to all our longtime customers and welcome our new customers that will be joining us when we do reopen.

So, a couple of items here - Midnight Magnolia is my personal favorite wine. It is what we would consider a mid-level wine, it is also the very first estate wine that we were released in 2003. It is a very smooth wine, made with the Muscadine grapes. It is very fruity with a very smooth finish. It is the wine of choice if I'm trying to introduce our wines to someone who may not want wines that are very sweet and not very dry. A great introductory wine, it has 12% alcohol. So, Midnight Magnolia would be my favorite of our wines.

The other items that I'm going to show it to you are made from our Duplin Gourmet Foods, a department here at Duplin. The first will be our Muscadine Orange Poppy Seed Dressing. This is our house dressing inside The Bistro. It is made from our Carlos wine, it is a vinaigrette style dressing very light and it has a little sweetness to it - just like many of our wines do.

Pineapple and Habanero Salsa, this would be our most popular food selling item that we have inside Duplin. Many, many of you would be familiar with this if you've been to either the North Myrtle Beach location, the Rose Hill location or here at The Bistro. We serve this in a lot of our tastings. When you come to the restaurant and sit down, before having lunch we serve this dip that consists of one 8 oz block of cream cheese and a half a jar of the sauce of mixed up.

Now the best way to do this - and I recommend this to folks because a lot of people will have trouble with how it's made - you let your cream cheese come to room temperature, then you put it in your stand mixer, blend up your cream cheese first. Lightly whip it and then add the half jar of salsa to it and blend well. Now, sometimes the dip might be a little more liquid than you might prefer. All you need to do is just stick it back in the refrigerator for maybe 15 to 30 minutes. The fats within the cream cheese will come back together and chill, then it will solidify in your dip. So it'll be perfect for the way that you want to have it.

Also, the gourmet crackers that we have right here are served at our tastings at both Winery locations and here at the restaurant. This is our homemade recipe, we do make by hand, here at our facility. Those of you have been with us before, they're very light, very thin and have a little bit of kosher salt added to it. I certainly hope you would enjoy that.

Again, these are my picks from what we are offering. While you're sitting at home looking for new items to pick, I certainly recommend our Midnight Magnolia.

Kim S | Graphic Designer

Relax & UnWINE

My Duplin Family Favorites reflect two of the things that I love, coffee and Duplin wine! Those who know me know that I don't function well until I've had at least one cup of coffee. Once I feel the warmth of the coffee, I can feel my energy and creativity start flowing through my veins. Then I can tackle the day and create new labels, new billboards and all sorts of other creative material. 

But at night, wine! I also tend to be cold-natured, so a good cup of spiced wine helps me relax and unWINE!

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