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Sweetzer Goals: 5 Ways to Up Your Wine Slushie Game

Good luck not tasting all five of these wine slushie ideas before your guests arrive at your next impromptu summer gathering. These drinks require three ingredients or less, giving you time to serve every one of them.

A wine slushie party is the perfect summer event. The icy drinks keep everyone cool and the lower alcohol content keeps the party rolling into the night.

Duplin Sweetzer wine slushie mix flavors are interchangeable for most of these ideas. Feel free to mix and match the wines, too.

1. Frozen fruit

Skip the ice and use frozen fruit instead when making Sweetzer wine slushies. We blended frozen strawberries and peaches with Peach Bellini and our Carlos white to create the ultimate fruitylicious sipper.

2. Ice cream

Turn any Sweetzer wine slushie into an adult ice cream float by putting a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. When you try this, be sure to use a wide-mouth glass like a beer pint glass. Experiment with different flavors like strawberry ice cream on Electric Lemonade Sweetzers and rainbow sherbert on Pina Colada Sweetzers.

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3. Spike it 

Give Sweetzer wine slushies an extra kick by adding vodka to a glass or full batch of any Sweezer flavor. Tequila is, of course, perfect for Margarita Sweetzers Spiced rum puts extra-tropical-island oomph in Pina Colada and Raspberry Mango Sweetzers.

4. Add some fizz

Get everyone's attention when you mix sparkling Sweetzer wine slushies. We love to do this with Electric Lemonade and Duplin Sweet Poppy carbonated wine. Make a batch of Electric lemonade. Fill wine glasses two-thirds full with the Sweetzer. Top off the glasses with peachy Sweet Poppy then stand back and watch. The wine will slowly engulf the Sweetzer until the slushie rises to the top of the glass

5. Frozen Sweetzer shots

Forget Jell-O shots. Do frozen Sweetzer shots instead. Make a batch of Sweetzer according to the package directions. Add about 4 ounces of liquor. We used white tequila with margarita Sweetzer. Blend and pour into little plastic condiment cups. Put the lids on the cups and freeze. Instant chill!

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