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Mason Jars, Country Boys & Wine

Each week, we plan to release a new vlog that showcases different products that you can find in either of our retail stores or on our website. We'll feature different guests and tell you a little bit more about one of our wines, wine accessories, gourmet items or Sweetzers. You'll find that some items have an entertaining history that gets detailed in amusing memories and stories.

Today's Feature: Sippin' Sweet Muscadine

Jonathan: Hey, my name is Jonathan Fussell. I'm here with Bruce and we are on Feature Friday, featuring Sippin' Sweet. Our only mason jar wine. We actually came back out with this again as a joke, but Bruce - why don't you tell them about the original version of Sippin' Sweet.

Bruce: Well, in 1976 a couple of country boys from Rose Hill came to my store and asked me and said, "you got any bottles or anything? We've got to bottle some wine." The only thing I sell is mason jars. Because we have a lot of people around here that use mason jars for other products. Well, it just naturally felt to me. So, us being country boys we named it originally, Carolina Country. The reason for that? We're from Carolina and live in the country.

What made this so neat and unique at the time, was that instead of having to get a corkscrew out and all, you just screwed the lid off and sat on the patio. You got three glasses in your hand, just sit back and enjoy. When that one is over with, if you decided you wanted to enjoy some more, you call your wife or your girlfriend and ask for another jar from the refrigerator. Throw the first jar away, or use it for canning. Then, you are ready to go again.

No corks. No corkscrews. Just take the lid off and have a good time. We originally came out with this in 1976 and we brought it back for our 35th anniversary as a joke. And the joke was on us. Everybody liked being from the country. I don't care what part of the country you live in, you're still in the country. This is why this has been a very popular product for us. You can buy it online, in our North Myrtle Beach store or in our Rose Hill store. We'd love to let you come by and sample this, as soon as these laws release us so we can let you sample it. Or, you can just buy a jar, take it home and sample it at the house.

Jonathan: And guys, just to let you know, what Bruce didn't tell you is we were too poor to buy regular bottles of wine back in ...

Bruce: Hey, did you ever pay me for those jars?

Jonathan: Probably not, Bruce. But we'll make it up to you soon. So guys, come and see us soon. Have a glass or a bottle with us the next time you come see us.

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