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Jingle all the way with this vanilla bourbon cocktail

We have an annual tradition around Duplin Winery to see who can come up with the best Christmas cocktails, and this Jingle All the Way vanilla bourbon sipper may be the clear winner of all time.

Refreshing and heart-warming at the same time, the festive drink has everything a perfect holiday cocktail requires: a little tang, a little spice, a touch of sweetness, really good vanilla bourbon and the versitility to be made in big batches before the party starts.

Since spiced wine inspires this cocktail, we rim the glass with caramel sauce. That alone put the Jingle All the Way ahead of the pack.

Next we blended a little lemon and warm spices with vanilla bourbon, Duplin Christmas Wine and Duplin Muscadine Cider. From there, all this drink needed was a quick stir before being poured over ice in those caramel-rimmed glasses. An apple slice garnish was the final touch.

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